Meet Beyond Golf Chico

The only golf program of its kind in Northern California.

Golf is the hook; education is the goal!

Tee up to a world where golf elevates beyond birdies and bogies: it’s a sport that funds youth mentorship with every swing.

Beyond Golf Chico, and its land partner, are proposing a plan for an innovative, technology-driven golf and education facility in South Chico.

The goal: provide golfers of all ages with new opportunities to virtually experience the game of golf at the top courses in the world, while generating funds to support a robust youth mentoring and career development program.

"As a Chico native, I am stoked to see Beyond Golf become a reality. The cutting-edge technology gives golfers, young and old, a chance to play on some of the world's best courses. I wish I had had something like this when I was a kid."
Kurt Kitiyama

A state-of-the-art facility to enhance Chico’s sports and recreation opportunities…

Have you always wanted to play at Pebble Beach? The simulator provides you with an immersive experience meticulously designed with every inch of the golf course taken into consideration.

How about the course at Harbour Town or PGA National? The HD experience allows you to master each course—at a fraction of the green fees and zero travel expenses.

For those with a competitive nature, each hitting bay has an easy-to-use touchscreen that allows you to play different point-scoring games on over 223 golf courses from virtually all over the world.

…with an even greater mission

Golf has been proven, through programs like The First Tee, to engage students in a way most after-school programs do not. Located at Beyond Golf, The Beyond Golf Academy is more than a place for kids to spend their time after school.

It’s an opportunity to provide golf opportunities to Butte County youth integrated with an educational, character-building program.

Free to Butte County kids K-12, 6-18 years old

Junior golfers will have free access to:

It will be a place dedicated to educational-centered programming designed to build positive life skills and core values like character, patience, determination, emotional intelligence, and respect.

The future of golf in Chico promises to be a hole-in-one

While the free access and programming will be aimed at K-12 student-athletes, this is going to be a place every avid golfer will be welcome to practice and play.

With 10 high-definition simulators that include 223 of the world’s most famous golf courses and omni-directional plates to simulate every type of lies, it’s an experience found nowhere else.

Unlike many simulators or driving ranges, the bays at Beyond Golf recreate the slopes and situations found at the actual course. There are multi surfaces that replicate fairways, rough, and bunkers in order to simulate actual playing conditions: you can even auto-set your tee height.

The simulators? Yours to rent. Space for corporate gatherings, parties, networking events? It’ll have those too. With every dollar re-invested to the end of free access for kids, there will be plenty of space for you to play, relax, and enjoy South Chico’s newest addition, too.

Beyond Golf Amenities:

But how is it funded?

In short: it has a great business model. Visitors and community members who want to come enjoy the courses, simulators, clubhouse, or events space will pay a standard fee for participation. The revenue generated from these activities, outside of operating and personnel expenses, will go directly to the Butte County Youth and Sports Education Foundation. This non-profit will oversee the free golf training, mentorship, and other youth development programs such as e-sports.

The final vision is a fully self-sufficient operation where every dollar of revenue is re-invested into kids who might not otherwise be able to afford an introduction to or interest in the game golf.

“We are deeply indebted to the Butte County Youth Sports and Education Foundation, and especially its founder, Grant Hornbeak, for his lifelong impact on our sons. Through these golf-related activities, Grant has taught the juniors how to play golf well, but also how to be better people.”
Athena and Qing
Program Participants’ Parents

We have a dream,
but we need the means:

Beyond Golf is an incredible opportunity for Chico and our community’s youth, but the facts are simple: we need financial support and investors willing to be a part of this dream.

You are not supporting a building, you are not supporting a sports facility, you aren’t even supporting an after-school program. What you are supporting is a place for kids to be kids, a shift in the trajectory of Chico’s youngest generation.

You are supporting an entire community.

Please support us through your donations both large and small. Every dollar helps make this a reality.

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